• The Chase –  Tweedlove

    Sat 3rd June 2017

Event Description

The Chase is part of Tweedlove Bike Festival.

Mountain Bike Orienteering is a fun off road event where YOU choose the course! All ages and abilities can compete with the aim of visiting as many high value checkpoints as possible in the 3 hour time limit and organised by Scotland’s largest MBO club Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering. More info can be found at http://www.smbo.org.uk/

This year we are offering a 3 hour challenge around the Tweed Valley!

Event Start/Finish Location

Start any time between 10 and 11am. Feel free to come down early from 9am to see the map of the area and ask any questions. As this is NOT a mass start you can set off earlier if you want.

There is parking near the start/finish in the Kirkburn car park. Please bring some pound coins to feed the ticket machine, £3 gets you an all day ticket. Money from this goes to maintaining the path network and servicing toilets so please do buy a ticket.

Event Area

The event will take place in and around the Tweed Valley in the vicinity of Peebles.


There are 30 Controls shown on the map provided and the aim to go to as many as possible in any order. Each Control Point will have a Sport Ident ‘Dibber’ Punch. The location of these will be obvious when you are near them but just in case there is also descriptions of each checkpoint given to you at the start. Marker tape may be used to highlight the Control Point if necessary. We’ll try to place the checkpoints and weight the their values to ensure the course is suitable for “Generations” (Adult Junior Pairs) so that a reasonable score is possible without too much climbing of hills. This will mean the most competitive entrants will have to work hard for top marks.

Scores will be displayed as soon as they have been calculated and checked.
Final Results will be posted on our website www.smbo.org.uk.

You will need :

    a roadworthy and well maintained bike (mountain bike recommended)
    a cycling helmet * – must be worn at all times
    a first aid kit of at least a dressing and plasters *
    a puncture repair kit, pump and simple tool kit
    a waterproof jacket *
    food and drink
    a whistle *

Note : items marked with an * are compulsory

Entry Fees
Adults (16 and older) £15.00 online £20 entry on the day
Juniors (under 16) £5.00 online £10 entry on the day
Entry may be available on the day. Numbers are limited so please sign up early.

Event Start Location

Location Info

Event Timetable

  • 9:00-10:00 Registration

    Sign in & receive your electronic dibber and checkpoint description.

    Review the blank map and familiarise yourself with any one-way trails, map notes or out of bounds restrictions.

  • 9:30-11:00 Start Window

    Dib to start the clock and collect your map.

  • 3 hours Race!

    You have 3 hour from when you start to collect as many points as possible. Each minute you’re late you lose points on an increasing scale so how far do you go?

  • 14:30 Cut-Off

    You lose all your points if you finish 30 minutes late or more.

  • 15:00 Results & Prizes

    Find out how you did both in category and overall.

Event Organiser

For the 2017 Tweed Valley event Marc Crowley is the event organiser. As well as planning the map and checkpoint location he is responsible for entry and timing, home baking and general running of the event.

If you can’t find the information you need, here on the www.SMBO.org.uk site or on the www.BMBO.org.uk site, please feel free to contact us.