The Trossachs Bike Festival invites mountain bikers and orienteers to Aberfoyle and the surrounding area to try out SMBO – Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering.

This short course event is a 90-minute taster, but with all the same equipment as a full SMBO event.  With a printed map, control sheet and electronic timing, how many points can you get in 90 minutes, without being late back!

Bike Trossachs are developing a new network of trails in the area and SMBO is an ideal opportunity to explore a new area – or follow a new trail in a familiar location.

This short SMBO is priced to encourage newcomers, but all are welcome for an autumnal blast.

Entry is only a FIVER!

You can enter on the day  or at

Click the map below for an overview of the course area.  Fully marked-up maps will be provided at registration and as it is a short 90-minute course these will be available for planning time before you dib-in for the start.  How far can you go…