Hope you all had a fantastic day and enjoyed the little twist of the “golden checkpoint”!

Here are the results: http://www.smbo.org.uk/leadhills-2012/

Race Report

A new event organiser, a new venue and some pretty serious nationwide weather warnings didn’t make a recipe for the greatest of events, but the offer of free beer always helps!

With everything set up and awaiting the first people I didn’t know if it was good or bad that the mist and rain was hiding the surrounding peaks.  Although we were based at the highest village in Scotland surprisingly all routes out lead up hill!! The area being used was smaller than most but the terrain meant this was going to be a tough race,

My plan for this event had been to test the mind as much as fitness. So along with the inclusion of some bogus controls on the map. To fit in with the new area there was the opportunity to “pan for gold”.  Not marked on the map itself, competitors found that 6 of the existing controls had a card with them holding a number from the grid reference which revealed where the “golden control, worth 50 points” was located.  This meant that routes would need to be constantly adjusted as competitors went around and the location of this control became apparent.

My plan obviously worked, with competitors studying the map for a long time before starting and many competitors then returning to the map once they’d started and got the control descriptions.

Competitors returned a little damp as apparently the views from the radar station were not as good as advertised!! The selection of home baked cakes on offer quickly revived the legs and spirits and as the results came in, there had been some outstanding performances all round, with Bryan Singleton almost clearing the course.

Hopefully fun was had by all, and you all left wondering whether you made the right choice etc.  For my first event I had a great time and learnt a lot.  I apologies for the strange use of control numbers which I’m sure made a few scratch their head when viewing results.  They were all correctly labelled on the control descriptions (If you still have them!).
Thanks to all who braved the elements and hope to see you at the next SMBO event.

For those that entered, please can you fill in the attached survey