13th November 2014

Stirling Sting – Final Instructions

Welcome to the final SMBO event of the year for which we have brought you to a superb new area.

You may still hear the roar of the motorway at the start line but soon you will leave this far behind, with a mixture of trails and hopefully spectacular views awaiting you.

Directions and Parking

Parking for event is NOT at the Community Centre, it is down on Gateside Road below the centre.

The most straight forward approach to this from the M9 is, come off at J9, take the A872 passed the Bannockburn Visitors centre and onto ST Ninians Roundabout.  Take the first left (B8051, Ring Road) Then turn left onto Weaver Row (Sign posted Cambusbarron) Drive past Lidl, then the 2 schools. Just before the road bends round to the right look out for a left turn onto Wordie Road.  (Signposted as a deadend) Follow this through the new estate to come out on Gateside Road where a marshal should be waiting to greet you J.


Registration open 9.00

First Start 9.30

Registration closes 10.30

Last Start 10.30

Course closed 1.30


Mandatory Kit

Recommended Kit


Waterproof top

Bike Bell


Fully Charged Mobile

First Aid Kit


Event Info

1 –  Given the recent weather, many of the trails are wet.  Some trails have had to be marked as not permissible.  As tempting as it to use them, please respect this decision.  (Split times will be a dead give away!!)   Please trying to minimise the impact we have on the trails.  Grip is needed but supper aggressive tyres are not the order of the day.  At times it may be preferable to push or carry your bike over particularly bad sections.  Some land owners have asked that if wet, riders ride on the longer grass beside muddy trails

2 – Please leave all gates the way you found them unless they have a BMBO label on them staying Please Shut the Gate.   At one location a “form” of gate has had to be constructed for the event.  Please treat this with care and ensure it is suitably closed before leaving.

3 – The wood to the South of Cambusbarron (Gillies Hill) is literally littered with tracks and trails.  For obvious reasons these can’t ALL be mapped on this scale map.  The main trails and junctions should be mapped along with any trails needed to reach Control Locations.  In this area you are free to use any unmapped trails if you wish.

Within the wood there are also a number of structures built by local bikers which are in various states of repair.  The use of these during the event is strictly forbidden.

4 – Gilles Hill and Lewis Hill are popular with local walkers.  Please ride with consideration and respect for all trail users.  All riders should have a bell on their bikes, please use it.

5 – The trails around Lewis Hill provide some awesome riding but some of these trails run very close to some serve drops to the sides.  Although trying to maintain as much route choice as possible, for safety reasons some of these trails have been made one way. This will be indicated on the map with directional arrows.  Please abide by these.

Short sections of descents in this area are highly technical.  Although all rideable by some, if in any doubt there is no shame in playing it safe and pushing for these brief sections.

At the Southern end of Lewis Hill there are some forestry work being undertaken.  Please read and abide by any signs and stick to any diversions.

6- In places some trails might become indistinct, particularly with all the leaves on the ground.  Where it is thought this is particularly problematic, a small amount of red and white hazard tape will be place to guide you through these sections.

7 – Start and Finish is at the Community Centre Car Park . Access to the centre will be via the disabled ramp.  Next to the hall a bike compound will be built. It is likely you will return wet and muddy, please try and avoid bring this dirt into the hall .  Removing shoes as a minimum.

8 – If the SI ‘Punch Box’ is not functioning (no lights flash or beeping noise), please note the 3-letter word written on the box to prove you have visited it.

9 – Time limit for the event is 3 hours for all categories

10 – As always, should you retire at any point you must return to registration to let us know and return your dibber.

11 – We are operating under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code – this is not a closed event – so please be respectable to all other users of the countryside and be courteous when passing them (especially horse riders!)

12- The map will be allocated at the start with the 30 control sites pre-marked. It will be A4 in size and a scale of 1:40

Control point values and descriptions will be printed on a separate A5 sheet and given at registration.

A3 copies of the mapped area (without the control sites marked), will be on show at registration Please looked at these before you start and ensure you understand the restricted areas, trail markings and any last minute information we feel will make your event safer and hopefully more enjoyable.

13- Prize Giving will be at 2.30-3.00, followed the SMBO AGM.  Please stay if you can.

As always, anybody who has still got it in them and are able to assist in collecting controls after the event we would love to hear from you. J

14 – Enjoy and have fun (even if it is raining)!!!