Here are the updated results for Peebles 1st May MBO event

Peebles Final Results

Peebles Final Splits

Reports of helicopters being used by the winners are false! The computer appears to have picked up a slight cough after it’s complete meltdown on Sunday morning. All the checkpoints have now been verified being put out in the correct areas but for whatever reason, the checkpoints numbers have been recorded incorrectly on the splits. Alas with the old software I can’t swap these about easily so I have updated the points values.

114 should be 115 (15 points versus 10 points)

116 should be 111 (same points value)

117 and 110 also appear to be recorded  incorrect for some people but correct for others. Points value are the same however.

Hope you all had a great day and see you at Inners on 5th June!


Position Name Points
1 Robin and Katie Munro 275
2 Keith and Andrew Leinster 190
3 Gerry and Robbie Saddler 115
Position Name Points
1= Outi Kamarainen & Richard Scarborough 315
1 = Lynne and Keith Brydon 315
2 Walter Brydon and Antonia Jupp 304
Position Name Points
1 Andrew Windrum 406
2 Andy McDermot 349
3 Steve Foster 346
Position Name Points
1 Alison Gillies 305
2 Dorota Bugajska 290
3 Rachel Henderson 149
Position Name Points
1 Liam & Keith Dawson 305
2 Hamish Colville & Nick Williamson 290
3 David Jones & Euan Ross 263
Position Name Points
1 Michelle Brown & Joanne Pennie 195
2 Sophie Gillan & Yvonne Huddart 125

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