• Fife Foray


    18th June 2017

Event Description

This is a 3 hour MBO Score event and is part of the 2017 Scottish Series. The event will be centred around Blairadam Forest; a forested ridge with a plethora of forest tracks and singletrack. The map will also incorporate an area of rolling countryside criss-crossed by lanes and tracks. Collect as many points as you can in 3 hours followed by tea/ coffee and cake at the Cleish Village Hall.

Parking will be limited. Please try to share lifts where possible and follow the instructions of marshals for parking. Please DO NOT park at the church as they will be having a service while you are out riding and will be using their car park!

Event Start Location

Location Info

Cleish Village Hall,
KY13, 0LR

Event Timetable

  • 9-10am Registration

    Sign in & receive your electronic dibber and checkpoint description.

    Review the blank map and familiarise yourself with any one-way trails, map notes or out of bounds restrictions.

  • 10-11am Start Window

    Dib to start the clock and collect your map.

  • 3 Hours Race!

    You have 90 minutes from when you start to collect as many points as possible. Each minute you’re late you lose points on an increasing scale so how far do you go?

  • 1-2pm Finish

    Any more than 30 minutes late and you lose all your points!

  • 3pm Results & Prizes

    Find out how you did both in category and overall.

    There’s even a prize from our sponsor, Full-Beam, plus some lower value prizes too. Some are selected at random so do hang around for results.

Event Organiser

For the 2017 Fife event Campbell Thomson is the event organiser. As well as planning the map and checkpoint location he is responsible for entry and timing, home baking and general running of the event.

If you can’t find the information you need, here on the www.SMBO.org.uk site or on the www.BMBO.org.uk site, please feel free to contact us.