The 4th and final event in the 2013 Winter SMBO Series.

Presented by Dare.Adventure.Racing.Events

D.A.R.E you ride solo ? or will you Double D.A.R.E and ride as a Pair!

Take on the undulating terrain of the Abernethy area in a whole new way. Race from control to control finding new routes and uncovering fast flowing trails, short steep climbs, long descents and lung busting ascents.. the difference is you choose the route!

Its not just about fitness, being a great rider or owning the best kit. It’s about choosing a good route and pacing yourself over the 3 hours so that you get back on time having collected as many points without any penalties!

This is a brand new area with a great mixture of trails and tracks. We have specifically chosen this area due to the volume of interconnecting farm tracks and lanes to help you get around. This will also help if there is a lot of rain as we will have less issues with areas becoming un-rideable due to weather! 

If your concerned about navigation, don’t worry, the control points are all on marked routes and you just need to follow path to junction collect control points, check map, go left / right to next identifiable feature/ junction and carry on working your way round as though you were just out exploring new trails for yourself! 

There is no need to be taking bearings or other complicated navigational techniques. The reason to have a compass is to help you with some Control Point clues like “Post to North of bridge.”  and if your in a wood and cant see other features, you can get a sense of direction!

This is a daylight event however given the time of year and regular overcast days, it is advised that basic led front and rear lights are used when on any road section for your own safety.

As part of the adventurous side of the event there is one special feature control point on the course which will require a basic torch to be carried! ) Don’t want to give too much away he he..!  It will only be for a short time so expensive bike lights are not required whatsoever.

Don’t worry ! the rest of the controls will be clearly visible from the marked paths on the map and at clearly identifiable landmarks, objects or junctions.

It will be Mid November so expect and prepare for all 4 seasons!

Event Centre

Williamson Hall, Kirk Wynd, Abernethy. PH2 9JD

Williamson Hall is situated up Kirk Wynd, Abernethy. Abernethy Village is easily accessible from the Junction 9 of the M90 Motorway.