10th January 2016

What kit is mandatory?

You only need the following:

  • Bike – Suitable for off-road riding (Hardtail/Rigid/Full-Suspension or even a Cyclocross bike)
  • Cycle Helmet – To be worn at all times whilst riding
  • Whistle – In case of emergency

We do encourage you to bring the following:

  • Mobile Phone (Charged) – Should you have an accident or mechanical and need recovered…
  • Cycle Gloves – A bit of extra protection if you come off
  • Cycle Bell – To warn others of your approach
  • Spares and Tools – Walking back because of a puncture or lack of Allan Key isn’t much fun
  • Water and Food for the event duration – Keep yourself fuelled up
  • Waterproof jacket – If the weather turns or you’re stuck out with a mechanical
  • Compass – Not essential but useful if visibility drops or you’re in a forest with many tracks and very few reference points
  • Pen – To note down a three-letter word on the checkpoint should it not register your ‘dib’