10th January 2016

How does the SMBO League work?

Dependent upon the number of events in the series, your best 3 or 4 event results will go towards your league score. Enabling you to miss an event or two or drop an awful result!

In order to accommodate the variety of courses and weather conditions we normalise the scores from each event as follows.

The highest score on the day for each event in the series is worth 500 points. All other riders receive the same percentage of the 500 points as their percentage of the best score on the day.

e.g. Winning Score of 400 points at an event = Each event point is worth 1.25 (i.e. 500/400=1.25)

  • Winner receives 500 points
  • A rider with 360 points on the day will receive 450 points (i.e. 360 x 1.25 = 450)
  • A rider with 200 points on the day will receive 250 points (i.e. 200 x 1.25 = 250)