10th January 2016

Am I allowed to ride anywhere in the event?

In hierarchical order:

Highway Code – Obey all traffic signals/signs, do not cycle on pavements, behave in a safe (for yourself and other road users) and predictable manner on any road you need to cross or travel along. Highway Code

Scottish Outdoors Access Code – You are allowed to cycle on any path/trail/track in a responsible manner. You are not allowed to behave in such a way as to damage crops, scare livestock or negatively affect other people’s right to roam. In short, stick to trails, leave gates as you find them and adjust your speed accordingly when encountering people and/or animals. Leave the land as you find it. SOAC

BMBO Rules – With the exception of the ‘footpaths’ exclusion which are not out of bound in Scotland all rules must be adhered to. BMBO MBO Score Rules

And finally, Don’t be a dick