• BRAW East Lothain


    New Winton Village Hall – 16th April 2016

Remember you need to select your category when you enter. Details of the classes can be found here.

Event Description

We’ve counted at least six named Burns, Rivers and Waters for you to navigate your way around, over and perhaps even through!

Come and explore an area of East Lothian that’s close to civilisation but criss-crossed with lots of hidden tracks.

We’ve been doing our best to find the best bits of riding and get them on the map for you, whilst working out which paths are merely historical artefacts! With a mix of woods, open farmland and old railway tracks, there’s plenty of variety to keep you interested. We’ve looked after you whether you’re a beginner, joining in with your kids or want to challenge yourself with a longer route.

Choose the right controls and you could find yourself riding past evidence of the area’s industrial past, popping your head into an old doo’cot, pausing to wonder at a church dating from 1800, or admiring modern forest sculptures. It’s not the hilliest part of the country but we’ve made sure there a few ups and downs.

If we get good weather, you’ll be surprised by some of the views.

For a BRAW day out, you know where to come!

Rosemary BydeEvent Organiser

What’s Included

  • Electronic dibber timing / recording
  • Waterproof map of area, pre marked with control locations
  • Control descriptions
  • Veg soup and bread, veggie chilli with pitta and cheese, cake, tea, coffee
  • Warm, dry village hall to register and finish in (or a lovely grassy green to relax on when the sun shines!)
  • Photography by Andy Kirkland, available on facebook after the event
  • Prizes for at least categories females / males / mixed / generation. Number dependent on class size. Prizes are from Phantassie organic veg, Black & Gold cold pressed rapeseed oil, the Pea Green Boat ultimate cheese sable biscuits, Hood’s HoneyKnops Beer and Glenkinchie single malt whisky.

Kindly supported by local East Lothian producers

Event Start Location

Location Info

HQ Address: New Winton village hall.
Parking will be tight, so please lift share where possible. The nearest station is Prestonpans, less than 5km away.

Driving directions: Use ‘New Winton Cottages’ in google maps.
From the west, on the A1 take the A199 to Tranent, then the B6355 to New Winton.
From the east, on the A1, either take the A6093 at Haddington, turning onto the B6355 before Pencaitland. Or approach from the B6363 from Gladsmuir before turning onto the B6355.

Event Timetable

  • 09:00-10:00 Registration

    Sign in & receive your electronic dibber and view a blank copy of the map area. Familiarise yourself with the map notes and out of bounds restrictions. This is your chance to ask any questions about the map or how the event works.

    Also pick up a sheet with the control descriptions and values on one side, and some bonus fun facts about places you’ll be going on the other!

    Finally, read the specific event notes and rules. Any questions, ask now, don’t risk it later. Thank you!

  • 09:30-10:30 Start Window

    Dib to start the clock and collect your map (pre-marked with control locations but not values).

  • 3hrs Race!

    You have 3 hours from when you start to collect as many points as possible. Each minute you’re late you lose points on an increasing scale, so how far do you go?

  • 12:30-13:30 Finish Windows

    Any more than 30 minutes late and you lose all your points!

  • 14:15-14:30 Results & Prizes

    Find out how you did both in category and overall.

    There might even be a prize or two! Prize categories will be in four categories; female (pair or solo), male (pair or solo), mixed and generation.

    Prizes so far provided by Phantassie organic veg, Black & Gold cold pressed rapeseed oil, the Pea Green Boat ultimate cheese sable biscuits, Hood’s HoneyKnops Beer and Glenkinchie single malt whisky. All local East Lothian producers.


  • Do NOT use any OUT OF BOUNDS areas. These have been set either for the overall safety of the event or because landowners have expressly asked us not to use their land for specific reasons.
    If you ignore this you may cause an accident, it is not fair on other participants and you could jeopardise the reputation of the organisers and the sport.
  • Follow the Outdoor Access Code and the Highway Code
  • Only ride on tracks and trails marked on the map.
  • Ride with due care for nature and the environment – stay on tracks, don’t skid your tyres etc.
  • Do not access or cross grass fields – cows may be calving and will not be friendly!
  • Do not ride on grass verges of fields (except where we have marked a track) – many in this area are created for conservation purposes and are used by ground nesting birds, as are areas without tracks.
  • You will be passing through working farmland and farmyards. Be aware of large machinery and make sure you pass them safely. They are bigger than you!
  • Close gates behind you.
  • Give way to horses – you will probably meet some. Ring your bell and / or shout out your approach. Be polite to walkers and other trail users.
  • Take care crossing roads. Traffic can often be moving faster than you think on rural roads.
  • Try not to lose your dibber – you will be charged if you do.
  • You must report to the finish even if you withdraw – else we will assume you are very lost / injured and will start looking for you.

Kit List

First Aid Kit
Tools / puncture repair kit (there be thorns out there!)
Bike in working order
Bell recommended

Event Organiser

For the 2016 East Lothian event Rosemary Byde is the event organiser. As well as planning the map and checkpoint locations, she is responsible for home baking and general running of the event. Helping out with logistics and technology, she is ably supported by Ewan Sandison.

If you can’t find the information you need, here on the www.SMBO.org.uk site or on the www.BMBO.org.uk site, please feel free to contact us.



Enter on the BMBO site now! Remember you need to select your category when you enter. Details of the classes can be found here.