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Race Report

The third event in the Scottish MBO Summer Series ran on Sunday 6 May from Callander. As expected for a bank holiday weekend the weather was cool (some would say cold) but, despite the new snow on the tops, it looked to be a good riding day. Hosted at the McLaren Leisure centre we ended up with over 50 riders signed in, and with a big area, 1:50,000 mapping and a lot of course notes to read through over tea and coffee no one was heading out early.

Unfortunately an early problem with the Start Box gave a delay and even after getting a start code onto the dibbers, the timings are still out so we still are missing overall total times and penalties.

Congratulations to the winners (final results may bring in some adjustments) who read the points and terrain very well. Special credit to those who did “the big loop” and didn’t get into the prize scores, I’ll rebalance the locations and points for next year! All controls were visited at least once with the exception of lonely no. 6.

Generations and families who had come along for the first time were really welcome and did exceptionally well as young teams. O-Boy who suggested reprogramming a spare control as a new
Start Box – please come again as IT backup! Apologies to the young entrant who could not reach high enough to get Control 13!

Thank you to everyone for not littering – I only found one gel on the way around collecting in controls and that was a full one obviously unintentionally dropped – so thank you doubly! And finally an extra thank you to all who came and supported the event as riders, spectators, drivers, sponsors and prize donators – and to the control collectors who got the best weather of the day after 5pm!

As this was my first ever as an organiser I put a lot of preparation and planning but the timing problems just goes to show you can’t foresee everything! All being well, the event will run next year, possibly as a 4 hour to give more people the chance to explore over to ‘The Far Side’ by Aberfoyle.

Crispin Hoult

Technical Issue

As you maybe aware there was a technical issue with the equipment, the timings are working incorrectly and no time penalties have been added.  The following standard timings have been used to go from the event centre to the checkpoint:


07 28:10
10 18:00
14 6:20
15 10:20
24 10:40
25 12:40
26 3:50
27 13:30

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Female team with their winning cake!

Female team with their winning cake!




Some more happy winners

Female Solo Winer

Davy Frame

Male Solo Winner