This year’s events will be…

SUN 3-March :: Innerleithan

15th June :: Pentlands (Edinburgh)

Sun 4th Aug :: Mugdock (Glasgow)

Sat 21-Sept :: Dukes Discovery (Trossachs)

Online entry is available at – subscribe to the Facebook group or keep an eye on the website for more info!


  • Do NOT use any OUT OF BOUNDS areas. These have been set either for the overall safety of the event or because landowners have expressly asked us not to use their land for specific reasons.
  • If you ignore this you may cause an accident, it is not fair on other participants and you could jeopardise the reputation of the organisers and the sport.
  • Follow the Outdoor Access Code and the Highway Code
  • Only ride on tracks and trails marked on the map.
  • Ride with due care for nature and the environment – stay on tracks, don’t skid your tyres etc.
  • Do not access or cross grass fields – cows may be calving and will not be friendly!
  • You will be passing through working farmland and farmyards. Be aware of livestock and cycle slowly pass them without causing animals distress. One path marked also goes through a yasd with Icelandic ponies. Please be cautious adn slow down.
  • Areas to specifically be careful are marked on the map.
  • Close gates behind you.
  • Please do not climb gates. This has been requested specifically by a farmer.
  • Give way to horses – you will probably meet some. Ring your bell and / or shout out your approach. Be polite to walkers and other trail users.
  • Take care crossing roads ad keep and to the correct side especially on narrow/single track roads. Traffic can often be moving faster than you think on rural roads.
  • Try not to lose your dibber – you will be charged if you do.
  • You must report to the finish even if you withdraw – if you don’t report to the finish we will assume you are very lost / injured and will start looking for you.

Kit List:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Whistle
  • Tools / puncture repair kit (there be thorns out there!)
  • Helmet (BS approved)
  • Bike in working order
  • Bell
  • Adequate food/drink for 4 hours or money to purchase in local cafe!
  • Waterproof jacket/warm clothing as weather dictates