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    Falkirk Day/Night

    Callendar Estate, Falkirk – 27th Feb 2016

Event Info

A special Day/Night event to start the 2016 season off.
Not tried this before, this is an ideal starter event because it’s not too hilly and is being run in two parts so you can have a rest and revise tactics in between the two halves.

Location Info

Lochgreen Road
Greenrig Car Park

From Falkirk town centre, head towards Slamannan, at the roundabout take the exit after the Slamannan Road and head up Lochgreen Road. The car park is located about 1/2 mile from the round about on the right hand side of the road.

Proudly Sponsored By

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Mountain Bike Treasure hunt on and around the trails of the Callendar Estate, Falkirk.
Instead of the usual 3 hour format we’re going to do it a bit differently. 90 minutes day and 90 minutes night with an opportunity for a wee rest in between.


  • 13:00 - 14:30 Registration Window

    Sign in & receive your dibber and checkpoint description.

    Review the blank map and familiarise yourself with any one-way trails, ma notes or out of bounds restrictions.

  • 14:45 - 15:15 Day Stage - Start Window

    Dib to start the clock and collect your map

  • 90 minutes Race!

    You have 90 minutes from when you start to collect as many points as possible. Each minute you’re late you lose points on an increasing scale so how far do you go?

  • 17:00 Day Stage - Cut-Off

    If you come back 15 minutes or more late you lose all your points!

  • 17:10 Day Stage - Results

    Find out how you’ve done in part one.

  • 17:30 - 18:00 Night Stage - Start Window

    Make sure your lights are ready, dib and grab your next map for the dark stage

  • 90 minutes Race!

    Same as before, you have 90 minutes to collect as many points as possible. This time, it’s dark and it’s a bit harder to orientate yourself.

  • 19:45 Night Stage - Cut-Off

    If you’re not back within 1:45:00 of starting, you lose all your points.

  • 20:00 Results & Prizes

    Find out how you did both in category and overall.

    There’s even a prize from our sponsor, Full-Beam, plus some lower value prizes too. Some are selected at random so do hang around for results.

  • Riders Return

    Time until race day…